Thursday, December 20, 2007

Toward the Future/From the Past

1.What i found most frusterating was the little dialoge and action you had to put in between the lines. It just made things more complicated than they had to be, but it the end it wasn't bad once you got use to it. Well i think the strongest thing would be the actions and the feelings in between, explaining how the characters truely felt. Because sometimes you can misinterpret their way of saying things. And the emotions truely help understand the dialect. I really thought it was going to be harder than it actually was and that was surprising!! :]] What was unpleasant was even though it was easier than i thought it was it still took a long time. I wouldn't be intrested because i don't really write with passion when i write those types of writing.

2. I'm a really big family person, so a definete topic i would want to write about would be about my family and trust me my family is messed up. Just the things we have gone through together and by ourselves would take forever to explain. But even though we've been through the tough times we still are together as one family and that really shows how strong we truely are. I could always write about the trips i've taken around the world. Every trip i've had something truely eventful has happend. From meeting famous celebrities to having a loved one taken away from you. I've seen the worst type of poverty to hit this earth and no one truely does realize how tough it is to see all of that at such a young age. I also could write about my friends because my friends have shaped me to the way i am today. They have got me through all my problems and i know they'll always be there for me. Just like my family they mean the world to me!! :]]]]

3. If i got to talk to a 10 year old, i would tell him to not give in to peer pressure, because giving in just shows you how weak you are and as much as you want to be like the rest of the kids, you'll regret it in the end. I'm basing my opinion about this off of my own experiences because i know if i could go back only 3 years ago i would completely change some things. I would never gave in if i realized what it would lead to and you really need to rethink everything before you do it when it truely matters.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Luigi Pirandello, playwright: "A man will die, a writer, the instrument of creation: but what he has created will never die!"

1. Theme is really important because it is the backbone of your story. Without the theme you wouldn't' really have a story and it wouldn't go anywhere, it would in some sense not make any sense....For example In the movie the fox and the hound, the theme is friendships last a lifetime and this is portrayed in the movie by having these two characters, the fox and the hound be best friends at the beginning when they are little and then because of who they are they end up being enemies due to the way they were raised. But in the end they realize that friendships mean forever and that they will always be there for each other which is proved by the end of the movie.

2. I really don't know how these ancient literary pieces have been passed on from ages to ages, i mean i could understand how religious texts could travel from year to year but other types of litature for example like poems, and novels, and essays, i really don't understand how that works you know. Uhhh and ya i probably could not write anything that would be passed on for generations because i really can't write well and thats why i'm in this class really, because i want to learn how to write.

3. If there's anything i want to leave it would be kindness, peace and appricate the things you have. I've been around the world everywhere and i've seen the harshness in the world and it really needs to be changed. I really want to see people learn to help others and how fighting isn't everything. I mean being raised by a middle eastern family, you kind of hear about war a lot.... People really just need to get over themselves because no matter what there will always be someone in the world that has it worse than you and that's life. but if you really wanted to you could change that just by donating a little or even saying hi to someone could turn their day around because they know that even though they are having a horrible day they know at least one person makes an effort to care.

Monday, December 3, 2007

"I am a thinker and I think thinks"

1. What really bothers me is that people think that they shouldn't help poor people because they inflict it upon themselves, that they think they shouldn't help them because they would sell it for something else anyway. But you should help people because not all of them inflicted their poverty upon themselves for example the tsumani in eastern asia that inflicted people even in somalia in AFRICA!!! and that was a cause of mother nature. I believe you should always help because i believe in karma and your kindness will be returned! :]]]

2. Someone i know who has a dynamic personality is Billy. He's this kid i met at the hospital when i volunteered there. He has down syndrome but he's sooo friendly and so sweet and even though sometimes he doesn't understand somethings he still trys to act like he knows what they are talking about it and its so cute!!! Even when two people are arguing he tries to make the tension less between them and his disease does not stop him from doing things like other kids. He wants to ski and snowboard and ice skate in the winter. And during the summer he'll go to the edina pool and swim until the sunsets. Just being around him makes you feel happier.

3. Someone who has greatly inspired me is my daddy. He's gone through so much and he makes the best of it. he came to america with 10 dollars in his pocket and now he owns his own company that has locations all over the world. I mean everything he has done in his lifetime is amazing and i hope that im like him when i'm older, how hardworking he is i hope to see that characteristic in me.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


1. Happiness is something you feel when you do something good. to me it's this warm feeling you get deep down because of the thing you did. It makes you feel so much better no matter how happy you feel.

2. My greatest source of happiness comes from my family and my friends. My family makes me happy because they make me realize how lucky i am to have such a great life and how every decision i make at least one of them will back me up always out of all of them. My friends make me happy because they make me laugh...alot and they make me experience life a whole other way.

3. My mom and dad have the greatest influence on my happiness. they make me happy because they fufill every wish i have, and i mean they provide everything for me which is my happiness. Everything is my happiness.

4. I definetly impact my parents' happiness because if i don't do well in school they get upset because they do everything i ask them to do and in return i disapoint them with my grades and my choices i make everyday.

5. you know my greatest need in life is just to go to college right now otherwise i am happy and just small compliments can add to my happiness but thats about it. i'm truely happy : ]

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Assignment # 6

1. In general i don't like getting scared but i LOVE haunted houses scary movies and all of the above. like the suspence is such a crazy feeling.
2. um i guess i'm a little supsitious, i'm always afraid when i'm home alone at night that some one is going to break in or something like that so i always have all the lights turned on during the night if i'm alone. i have to admit i'm scared of dying but it has to happen so i'm getting over that and also i use to be horrified by spiders but now since i live in our basement i've learned to ignore them.
3.maddness-someone who is not themselves and have lost their mind. Who ever is pushed to do crazy things like murder, rape, obssesive over people....any one who tortures any living thing is mad in my opinion.
4.I think people under pressure crack and they go crazy because of all the stress and pressure they've been in. like they would things that they would never possibly imagine they would do and take it past the line.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Assignment #5

1. The tears running down their rosy cheeks froze against their pale skin. If only someone had notice, if they had only helped would she have been here today?
2. If everyone realized how much was on her shoulders, how much pain she was in would she be here right now, instead of lying on the cold frozen dirt?
3. Had she not gone that night, everything would have been the same.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Assignment #4


a) The setting of the second part is important because she is home alone, and Arnold knew exactly where her family at her aunts party and how he knew where she lived.

b)Connies character is very annoying and frusterating because she does this to herself, like puts herself in these akward situations. She is asking for trouble for doing all the stuff she does in the first place. She represents teenagers who think they know everything when they actually don't. Reminds me of the movie Thirteen.

c) The author talks about the conflicts with rebellious teenagers. The author shows how easy it is to get yourself in such a dangerous situation and unitentionally tells you how you can prevent it by not acting like a slut.

d) it appeals to people because its suspenceful and keeps the reader want to find out what happens

e)Personally i think the guy ends up kidnapping her and she never sees her family or house again.

f) Previously in Arnolds life he had probably expeirenced tramatic events that had made him the way he is right now: a creep.


10 things to make a story great

1. vivid words that create a picture
2. suspence that has the reader keep wanting to read further
3. a plot that the readers can relate to
4. mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat
5. something that has to do with romance
6. have the characters as teenagers
7. have names that would create an image for the character
8.have issues with families
9. have the characters rebellious
10. the setting should be familiar or something like it